Snapdragon. Snapshot. Merlot Mix. (15cm tall)

Snapdragon. Liberty. Mix. (25cm tall)

Snapdragon. Liberty. Yellow. (25cm tall)

Snapdragon. Rocket. Red. (75cm tall)

Snapdragon. Liberty. Bronze. (25cm tall)

Exciting 2019 Addition Snapdragon. Liberty. Lavender. (25cm tall)

Exciting 2019 Addition Snapdragon. Rocket. Lemon. (75cm tall)

Snapdragon. Rocket. Mix. (75cm tall)

Snapdragon. Cool. Orange. (100cm tall)

The Magical World of Snapdragons

Really?….Snapdragons?….What’s the big deal?

They are an old time favorite and when you hold the flower just right and squeeze it, the bottom part of the flower opens up like a mouth. If you have a good imagination, you’ll see some points that look like teeth. Of course you have to include dragon noises to further emphasize the experience. “Rawl!”

Our kids will always do this trick if they walk by this crop even now when are adults. We showed them many years ago and they showed their friends and when we had school tours our daughters would show the trick. It’s just one of this things that gets kids interested about plants.

Snapdragons are a cool loving plant. This means they are good in early spring and go strong until late fall. By removing the dead flower spikes with seed pods, you will promote more flowers.

In our catalog we offer you a variety of heights:

Snapshots Series, are the shortest ones the make excellent borders and make short flower spikes. We suggest them in mixed colors as they are the brightest as a mix.

The Liberty Series, are a little taller. You can place them where you need them as a filler and maybe as a border.

Sonnet Series, is a little bigger again with the same snapdragon qualities. A great mid sized plant.

Rocket Series, is one with very sturdy stems and grow great in center pieces but are also used as a cut flower variety, great for making bouquets for you and your displays.

Cool Series, is even taller. And sturdier, well it has to be at 100 cm tall. It comes in a beautiful orange color.

Of course, other colors and series are available on request.

~  Michiel Verheul

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