Petunias – Sweettunia Series!

Petunia – Sweetunia Series! What beautiful blooms, an exciting series, extraordinary colours, add more to your order today! Michiel Petunia Sweetunia EXCITING!! Black Satin Burst of Velvety Colours as Dark as They Come. Petunia Sweetunia EXCITING!! Johnny Flame...


Tradescantia! What an interesting foliage, perfect for the shade to maintain the pink bubblegum tricolour-ing, but it will turn more green if grown in more sunlight. Avoid too much sun as it can get crispy edges. Great as a houseplant or grown in the shade outdoors...

Edible Plants!

Edible Plants! Everyone can be a gardener, with this selection of edibles that can be grown in patio pots or in a traditional garden. Don’t run out of veggie plants, there’s still time to add to your order, it’s going to be a great spring! Michiel...


Delphinium! A gorgeous blue beauty, increase your offerings of true blue plants by adding this delphinium to your order! Michiel Delphinium NEW!! Cheer Blue Dwarf What a Beauty! Striking Blue Blooms! Grows to 40cm.

Petunias! – Wave Series

Petunia – Wave Series! Wave Petunias are suited for planters, hanging baskets and the landscape. Michiel Petunia Wave Misty Lilac Beautiful Flowers Fade from Lavender to Almost White. Grows to 13cm & Spreads to 100cm. Petunia Wave Pink Bright Coloured...