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Thank YOU!!

Over the last 2 weeks we were a proud part of 2 conferences and trade shows. One in Saskatoon and one in Edmonton. We met and spoke to a lot of you there. It was fantastic to be able to talk face to face in a world that continuous to revolve around emails, social...


The Magical World of Snapdragons Really?....Snapdragons?....What’s the big deal? They are an old time favorite and when you hold the flower just right and squeeze it, the bottom part of the flower opens up like a mouth. If you have a good imagination, you’ll see some...

Thunbergia. Full Sun.

New. Thunbergia. SunnySusy Brownie. Thunbergia. Full Sun. A long time friend. Thunbergia has been a gardeners friend for a long time. Many years ago it was only available from seed, but since huge advances in breeding now available as a strong and vigorous...

New Plants for You

Our exclusive event. And we are inviting you. The first and only flower show in western Canada. What s this all about? High Q Greenhouses is partnering with Debs Greenhouse to bring you this event. It' s called New Blooms. Join us to: view touch smell and evaluate...