Our Roots

The High Q Greenhouses Inc. Story

High Q Greenhouses Inc. is an independent, progressive, commercial company owned and operated by Michiel and Ina Verheul.

We began operating in the spring of 1988 and we have enjoyed producing propagation material while watching our markets and infrastructure grow. We boast a combination of gutter connected and freestanding houses that bring our total greenhouse area to 60,000 sq. ft. As business continues to grow, we continue to invest in upgrades and strive for improved methodology and quality materials to continually serve you better.

A visitor to High Q Greenhouses Inc. today would discover a very modern and innovative greenhouse business.  Growth has been anticipated and expansions well executed. Equipment is modern and our teams are knowledgeable and well-trained.  Our methodology has been streamlined with the help of a state-of-the-art individualized software program.  We are efficiently managed with knowledgeable staff and we promote a very open and friendly atmosphere.

Having more than 35 years experience growing propagation material we have earned an established reputation and are confident in our abilities to produce quality products on a continuous basis. This is reflected in the continued growth of our greenhouse facility, in size, equipment, procedures and systems. The result is that we are well situated to embrace future expansions.

Our Roots

I wanted to be able to put my horticultural education to work and felt that growing and selling young plants to commercial greenhouses would be an excellent way to do this. Financing proved to be impossible so my wife Ina and I took all our savings and with that, we were able to rent and refurbish a 6,000 sq. ft. greenhouse by Pickardville, Alberta and start in July 1987.

It took us a long time to pick a name for our greenhouse, many were added and removed from the list. We did not want it to be associated with a surname or a location. It needed to be easy to remember so we chose the letter Q. The meaning of the Q leaves enough to the imagination to keep it interesting.  The word “high” was the easy part, we were so excited to start this venture and we had high hopes and huge goals.

From the start we both knew that we would have to work very hard and we gave it all we had every day. The first summer we grew cucumber plants for another grower and a poinsettia crop. We created our first catalogue and I traveled most of the province to introduce myself, as well as attended a trade show to get our name out there.

The Spring of 1988 was our first season. Some of the customers from the first years are still our customers today. Delivery was different back then, I delivered every order in person.

During the summer of 1988 we moved to Busby, Alberta which allowed us set up 12,000 sqft. of greenhouses. Somehow, without money, but with the help of parents and friends, we moved our mobile home, built all the greenhouses and were ready to go.

In 1992 we purchased our own land and again with not enough money, but with our first real bank loan, we began construction on 40,000 sq. ft. in Sturgeon County (Morinville), Alberta.   We moved the free-standing structures from the Busby location, and built a combination of gutter connected structures.  The years flew by and we bought more equipment, hired more staff and squeezed more plants into the greenhouses.

In addition to the Young Plants program, we also started a retail greenhouse. To further expand our product line we began offering wholesale bedding plants to grocery stores, home improvement centers and independent garden centers. Our selection became unique and featured great designs in beautiful containers, big hanging baskets and a full selection of annuals.  A few years later we expanded our business to include Cities and Towns as well as special Urban developments.

2019 is our 31st spring season. We look back, wiser and greyer, to see 4 amazing daughters, a great career, many memories, new friends and a solid foothold in the Horticultural community.

Looking forward, we see a bright future.


High Q Greenhouses Inc. welcomes offers from brokers. By partnering with us you don’t have to worry about the creation and establishment of new markets or new market trends for cutting grown material. We have already opened the door to new and innovative plant material in our markets. We have an established reputation within a wide customer base that appreciates the impact these cuttings may have on their lives and profits. Please contact our office for further information.

High Q Greenhouses Inc. has a customer base of more than 450 companies throughout the western provinces. Most of our early customers are still with us and their loyalty and satisfaction have helped make High Q Greenhouses Inc. the success it is today. Our products continue to be well received by western growers and brokers. We wish to acknowledge and thank all of you who have contributed to our success story. By supplying you the best products and service we hope to share success with you.

With the massive demand for propagated material and the staggering amount of new products offered to consumers, consider High Q Greenhouses Inc. your plant material source to further expand and maintain your market share.